Sinh's Ancestry is a small family cattery.

My cats live free in my house and they can go outside on a big fenced terrace -where they are completely safe - to enjoy sun and air .
I like taking care of the kittens and having contact with them until they born, from the earliest moments of their lives.

My Queens always wait for me when they have to give birth to kittens, although the busy schedule of my daily life.

All my kittens have always had a good temper, and they are affectionate. The placement in the new families has always been easy.

I have been lucky enough to receive the trust of some breeders who gave me beautiful cats. So today I have very good Queens and Studs. My breeding cats are tested against the main diseases (PKD, HCM, FIV and FeLV) and my kittens are followed by my vet.

I pay special attention to nutrition using high quality food more natural as possible. Going to cat shows I've acquired my idea of how a Birman cat has to be, and I try to select them at my best.

I've decided to start breeding Birmans because during these year my acknowledgment of this breed has made me understand that they are wonderful, lovely, and how much love they can give.

A Birman loves "his" human for the whole life.

My cattery is recognized ANFI/FIFE