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aggiornamento del 18.08.2021. In questo momento abbiamo disponibili dei cuccioli per la prenotazione in qualità da compagnia

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Although the technical association prescriptions provide that puppies cannot be delivered before 84 days from birth, I usually deliver puppies not earlier than 4 months to allow them the best possible familiarization and their best growth psycho-physical.

The puppies will always be delivered already dewormed (at least 2 worms) and with the second trivalent vaccine .

The puppies will be delivered with the relative transfer agreement , with their health booklet , their pedigree (if already received by the Association) and the immediate transfer of ownership .

Puppy parents are always tested for the major pathologies of the breed. A Food kit for the puppy's first week is delivered to the new home. I will always be available to buyers of my puppies for any useful indication they need.

I always ask to know the families to which my puppies will go especially as a pet and I do not deliver pet puppies by courier even if specialized.

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I want to make sure that my kittens have a happy life, for this reason I have always selected the people with whom they will grow up.
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